Why Red Bridge

Why Choose Red Bridge?

Small but Mighty

Red Bridge Counselling isn’t a big operation. We are a small company and I care about you. You aren’t just another client to me.


I am passionate about making sure you get the help you need. If I am not the right person for you, I will refer you to someone who is.


My prices are competitive compared to many other psychology and counselling practices. 

My Mission

I help people feel good about therapy. I genuinely care and I help people believe amazing things are possible. You should feel good from the moment you choose to contact Red Bridge. Therapy should feel helpful and worthwhile. It’s the reason behind everything I do.

Our Name

I love the colour red.

Red is a passionate colour, and I’m passionate about psychotherapy and helping people. Red is bold and interesting and at the same time warm and comforting, strong and supportive.

The Symbol

Bridges are how we get past challenges in the road. We build a bridge together and we cross to the other side. We accomplish more together than we could alone

My Principles

Make it comfortable

You deserve to feel welcome and supported. I want you to feel at ease in my presence and empowered to take an active role in your therapy.

Care deeply

Every single person that contacts Red Bridge matters. I care about each and every client.

Dream big

I believe amazing things are possible and I’m always hopeful about you and where you can go with your therapy.

Think outside the box

I like working with clients and being open minded in therapy. Each client is unique and individual and I don’t take a cookie cutter approach. 

Do no harm

You should feel safe in therapy. You are in charge and I will carefully follow your lead.

Try new things

I’m always looking for new ways to improve your therapy experience. Whether it’s ways to increase your comfort, interesting information in the newsletter, or fun approaches to corporate wellness talks, I like to keep it fresh.