Corporate Wellness

Kristeen offers customizable wellness talks for groups of any size. She loves working with companies to offer talks to employees or customers on many aspects of mental health including work-life balance, self-care, anxiety, communication skills, productivity and more. She is passionate about making mental health fun, approachable, and interactive. As a former teacher, she is great at presenting psychology in an easy to understand, actionable way. You can call or email us to learn more.

Corporate Wellness

Mental Wellness increases productivity and reduces work absences. Having a mental health event for your employees benefits you in two ways. First, it shows employees that you see them as human beings and care about their wellness. Second, it will give them clear and actionable tools and takeaways that they can use to improve their overall wellness and therefore their contentment and productivity and reduce employee turnover.


Kristeen offers extremely competitive pricing for her wellness talks. Pricing varies depending on duration and number of participants. Contact us by phone or email for a quote.

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